AppFolio's Property Management Software Explained

April 11, 2012

Visit the following links for more information about AppFolio Property Manager: Your property empire has come a long way. Maybe you started years ago with just a few units, but those days are gone. Now you're a bonafide property Czar. So why are you still using the same property management software you started with way back then Your whole business is relying on some old software that could break down any second and leave you buried in a pile of post-its and printed spreadsheets. Thinking about how to update and replace's just too much sometimes. Enter AppFolio. AppFolio is a modern, web-based property management software with everything you need to run your business and nothing you don't. They talked to a ton of property managers to find out what your business really needs to run more efficiently and built some simple to use software that replaces all the stuff you're tired of being stuck with. AppFolio makes your office run smoother so you can spend more time on the things that make you more money. Online applications, accurate accounting, work orders, vacancy postings, free online rental payments, mobile access. They've even got migration tools, super helpful support, and fantastic training so you can make the switch safely.

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